Kink Aware Therapy


Classes Begin February 21, 2017

Kink Aware Professional Training

Course Overview
This course is designed to give medical professionals and therapists the fundamentals of the various types of alternative sexual and relationship expression that they may come into contact with in their medical and therapeutic practice and their role as medical providers.
Medical professional will be able to identify as Kink Aware and Kink Knowledgeable.
Program Objectives
Medical Professionals will...
Understand the ethnographic concepts of kinky and alternative relationships, communities and their role, as a medical provider, in their care.
Understand the difference between healthy kink and pathology
Learn therapeutic interventions and common issues seen with BDSM, Polyamory, Swinging, Asexual, Fetish and other kinky clients
Ethical and Legal Issues related to kinky clients.
Evaluation of the science and research of kink
Special topics and ethical challenges when working with kinky clients.
Student must be a Sex Educator, Sexuality Resource Manager or Medical Professional
60 Class Hours
10 Hours of Supervision
Student Survey, Supervision, Class Participation

Instructor Patsy Evans - D.O.M., A.P., L.M.H.C., Clinical Sexologist, Ph.D. Candidate
Patsy Evans, a.k.a. Dr. Harmony is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She brings her unique blend of skills and education specializing in Kink Culture and Sexuality, Relationship Counseling, Sex Positive Therapy, Traumatology and Holistic Psychotherapy. She works with people living alternative lifestyles in the LGBTQIADP, Polyamory, Swinging, BDSM, Kink and Fetish Communities and is a sex positive advocate. Patsy is also a Licensed Acupuncture Physician with a broad background in eastern medicine and herbal pharmacology. Additionally, she has earned the titles of Clinical Sexologist through the Sex Therapy Training Institute (STTI), as well as a Certified Transgender Care Provider through the International Transgender Certification Association (ITCA) and is in the process of completing her Ph.D. with the International Institute Of Clinical Sexology (IICS).