Sex Addiction Therapy

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“Obsessive, compulsive, out of control behavior done in spite of negative consequences to self and others.”

This is the definition of addiction. It is a way of thinking and behaving that results from the brain changes that occur when the brain is stimulated beyond what is normal from an evolutionary point. We seek these intensified levels of stimulation when we realize that a particular behavior provides not only pleasure and euphoria, but escape from some underlying pain originating in childhood. The pain of believing that we are not good enough, not important, or are somehow bad people.

Drugs and alcohol provide relief, but other stimulating activities do as well. Shopping, gambling, eating and yes, various sexual behaviors, allow our “Caveman Brains” to make the link between the stimulation and the relief of pain. When the pleasure wears off, the pain returns and we immediately crave more. Addiction, then, becomes not so much a craving for a drug, but a craving for any stimulating agent.

It is from this perspective that we can treat addiction – any addiction. Treating sex addiction is NOT about inhibiting sexual behavior, but IS about helping people live recovering lives. Recovery IS about healing past trauma, learning to be present, experiencing healthy sexuality in any and all joyous ways. It is about Connection – to each other, to humankind, to all life, and to the Universe.

The Addictions Therapy Training Institute is an approved education provider by the Florida Certification Board (FCB), so the International Institute of Clinical Sexology (IICS) specialty in sex addiction will also allow students to sit for the FCB exam and become Certified Addiction Professionals.

IICS students who choose this specialty will learn about addiction in all its forms and learn how addiction permeates all life areas (see Addict America: The Lost Connection). You will learn how to help all of your clients to live more intimate, fearless, and Connected lives.

Classes are held on one Friday of each month. Enrollment is revolving so you can join any time. Go to the calendar or the catalogue for the class schedule.

This program may be taken on its own for Board Certification. Please visit Addictions Therapy Certification for more information