IICS Mission Statement

Mission of the Institution

International Institute of Clinical Sexology (IICS) is a private, for-profit, educational institute that offers a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology to licensed and license-eligible professionals in the healthcare field who intend to practice Sex Therapy, Consulting or Coaching, or provide Sex Education as an adjunctive service to their clinical specialty.

The Clinical Sexology program is designed to provide a curriculum that will prepare clinicians to work with a wide array of sexual concerns in a variety of treatment settings.

Purpose of the Institution

“Sexology” is the study of sex or of the interaction of the sexes, especially among human beings. “Clinical” is relating to or based on work done with real patients. Therefore, the objective of this program is to educate and prepare healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate Clinical Sexology into their practices. “Healthcare” encompasses the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, medicine, ministerial service, education, coaching, and other human service professions. The program is comprised of three components: Clinical Sexology Education, a choice of one of four Specialty Concentrations, and a dissertation or doctoral project.

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