Hypnotherapy and Sexuality

  HYPNOfront6 1FINALJoin 2024  trainings starting in January and June!

Classes take place over - 5 day session (Part 1)  and then one day per month for 5 months.

It is always advantageous for therapists to have a variety of therapeutic interventions in their repertoires. Part 1 of this program will teach students the skills and techniques to use hypnosis to address a wide variety of issues. Part 2 will focus more specifically on implementing hypnotherapy with sexual concerns.

Each part consists  of didactic training and experiential exercises and practice. Students will also practice on their own between Parts 1 and 2. Please review the course descriptions in the catalogue.

Upon completion, students will be certified by a national board. This program may be taken for individual certification or included towards the doctoral degree.

Classes take place online.


Cohort 1
Jan 25- 29, 2024 then 2-8-24, 3-7-24, 4-11-24, 5-9-24, 6-6-24

Cohort 2 
June 13-17, 2024 then 8-15-24, 9-12-24, 10-10-24, 11-7-24, 12-12-24

This program may be taken on its own for Board Certification for a cost of $2,900 or take 10% off if you are an IICS student and taking this as an additional certification.

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