Kink Conscious Education

Course Overview


VIDEO - Meet Francesca!!

Release judgment, expand knowledge, and support clients who identify as Kinky or “into BDSM.” In this course you will engage in an overview of the similarities and differences between the most common range of alternative sexualities as they relate to Kink/BDSM, and the most effective modalities to utilize with Kink/BDSM identified clients who seek assistance from your clinical, medical, or therapeutic practice.

What is Transformational BDSM versus Regular BDSM? How can BDSM be used to support wholeness?
Join Francesca Gentille as she is interviewed by Rev Mel. Be present to a journey of Sacred Kink that
catalyzes a whole new awareness.


Kink, BDSM and other alternative lifestyles are areas unfamiliar to most therapists, even sex therapists. In order for therapists to promote themselves as “Kink Friendly,” “Kink Aware,” or “Kink Knowledgeable,” they must have extensive training in all things kinky – in other words, be comprehensively “Kink Conscious.”

This program incorporates in-person and webinar training. The experiential portion of the program will not only educate and expose the student to alternative lifestyles, it will allow the student to participate to varying extents in some of the activities that will gain the student entry into this diverse and exciting world.

The first 5 days of classes will be in person in San Francisco and the following 8 classes will be held on alternate weeks via webinar.

Please review the course descriptions in the catalogue. This program may be taken towards the doctoral degree or on its own for certification from the Therapist Certification Association.


​The FIRST ​5 Days take place live & in person in San Francisco
​w​ith Demos, case studies, and practicums. ​
(And there's some great flights out there if you're coming from out side of CA)
The remaining hours occur via Webinar where ever you live!

2018 Schedule

August 8-12 (in person San Francisco)

Analysis & Assessment of BDSM in Culture

September 2018 - February 2019 are held via live webinar.

History and Science of BDSM ( live webinar)

Sociological Framework of Kink Communities  (live webinar)

Treatment of Sexual Differentiation within Couples (live webinar)

Gender, Sexual Attraction, and Relationship Design  (live webinar)

Review of Research on Kink/BDSM  (live webinar)

Contemporary Analysis of BDSM in Media  (live webinar)

Intersectionality Between Kink/BDSM and Trauma  (live webinar)

60 Class Hours
10 Hours of Supervision/Case Consultation
Student Survey, Supervision, Class Participation