IICS Application for Admission

The requirements for admission are:
A Master’s degree in a healthcare-related field with a minimum GPA of 3.0
An official transcript indicating proof of a Bachelor’s degree and transcripts or certificates confirming sixty (60) graduate level credits in a healthcare field.

A license is not required.

After your initial application and acceptance, we will need your official transcripts and two letters of recommendation so you can begin classes.

If you intend on applying for a scholarship you must return scholarship forms and application together.
Click here to download the Scholarship Application.

Please note that the scholarship is intended for those applicants who practice outside of the U.S. where the income is in no way comparable to the U.S. and where there are no educational or clinical providers within 100 miles. This degree will greatly increase the earnings of U.S. and comparably licensed clinicians. IICS is a small, private institution, so we use our limited scholarship money to facilitate sexuality services where truly needed. Thank you.

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Student Questionaire

1. What first attracted you to the field of Sexology and Sexuality?*
2. What is your highest degree and major area of study?*
3. What licenses and/or certifications do you hold?*
4. Describe your recent professional experiences and accomplishments.*
5. What is your purpose in attaining this degree? How will you use it?*
6. What research experience do you have?*
7. What attracted you to IICS?*
8. What can you contribute to IICS?*
9. What are your thoughts and opinions about sex addiction?*
10. What are some examples of value differences between you and your clients or patients? *
11. How do you deal with those?*
12. In what area do you wish to specialize?*
Addictions Therapy
Kink Conscious
Transgender Care
Certified Sex Offender Therapist
Sexuality and Disabilities
I have read and agree to the all Terms and Conditions
Method of Payment*
$100 non-refundable Application Fee Now, $600 Registration fee at time of signing Enrollment Agreement


This contract contains the entire agreement between the International Institute of Clinical Sexology and myself, and no further modification or representation except as herein expressed in writing will be recognized.

Application Fee - A $100 Application Fee is applicable for all non STTI Applications
Total Payable - 100.00 USD

Please note: After clicking on "Submit your application, the secure Authorize.net payment window will appear for the $100.00 non refundable application fee payment.

*** If you don't pay your application fee after clicking the submit button, the form won't be submitted and we will not receive your application! ***

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Scholarship Application

You will need to complete both forms for the scholarship

Scholarship and Financial Form


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