Evaluation of Adult and Juvenile Sex Offender

Course Number: SOT 706
Credit Hours: 2
  • Dr. April Young
This class will provide clinicians with the knowledge and skills to conduct adult and juvenile risk assessments and psychosexual evaluations. Content includes: 1) Distinguish between the 3 generations of Forensic Assessments; 2) Explain the concept of protection of the public versus best interest of the client; 3) Evaluate level of risk related to type of sex offense; 4) Explain the impact of supervised release and community control on the offender’s risk of recidivism. 5) Identify the subject areas incorporated into a variety of risk assessment tools; 6) Evaluate sex offending within families in conflict. 7) Critique the research on risk assessments and recidivism; 8) Use the various assessment instruments with case studies provided; 9) Describe the interventions used to reduce risk of recidivism.

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