Treatment of Special Populations

Course Number: SOT 709
Credit Hours: 2
  • Dr. April Young
This course will provide students with an understanding of the how to provide effective and current treatment to Special Populations within the sexual offender field of practice. Content includes 1) Understand who is considered “Special populations” when testing sexual offenders; 2) Will have an understanding of prevalence and typologies for each population; 3) Will be knowledgeable with valid instruments and effective treatment approaches for each population; 4) Be familiar with group treatment approaches with special populations; 5) Understand and be familiar with the specific goals of treatment for sex offenders in the victim empathy phase; 6) Effectively educate and assist sex offenders to understand and develop victim empathy; 7) Learn how to overcome offender resistance to this specific phase of treatment; 8) Define terms related to Victimology and Victims; 9) Discuss biased towards Victims and victim blaming; 10) Recognize and discuss issues between victims and the criminal justice system.

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