IICS Application - Cancellation & Refund Policy

Upon acceptance a student has 3 months to start classes or they will need to re-apply.

The Application fee and Re-entry fee is non-refundable. Upon acceptance a student has 3 months to begin classes before having to re=apply

A student may withdraw from the program prior to taking any classes and will be refunded all tuition paid. Withdrawal must be made in person or via Certified Mail.

If a student withdraws after beginning classes, tuition in the amount of $40 per classroom hour will be due to IICS. Any moneys paid in excess of this will be refunded.

Students may be terminated from the program by the IICS Board for just cause as described under the Student’s responsibility section. Refunds in this case will be the same as student withdrawals.

Textbooks are the property of the student and are not subject to refund.

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